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It has come to my attention that 4shared has changed their TOU for link sharing. I have found that you will now be asked to Login or Create an Account in order to download a file. Yes I know it is free to sign up but I don't think you should have to do that in order to get a freebie. So I will start to change the links over to and I can only hope that they will not do this as well.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Rant....

i was just reading the post made by another designer for one of her freebies saying that she was sick of the rudeness when people don't say thanks and if you don't say it, to never expect any more freebies. Huh? for every 20 downloads i might get one thank you unless it's friends. don't get me wrong i love to hear thank you, makes ya feel good. BUT if no one ever said it i would still make things. who is being hurt because i got mad and quit making things? not anyone who downloads cause they will just go somewhere else. that means i'm only hurting myself and i enjoy making things in my spare time. it kinda irritates me to read a post like her's, because she is being rude in how she comes across to the reader. kinda makes me WANT to download it and not say thanks. i know that's being bitchy but then i never claimed to be nice either. i also don't need my ego stroked by ppl either.

I make what i make because i enjoy tagging and creating digital things. i love to get feed back from everyone if you feel like leaving it. that's all i can ask for. i might not have downloads in the thousands but each time someone does take the time to download something i know they did it cause they liked what they saw. regards of weather or not they actually say thank you.

so, as long as i have spare time and the desire to create there will be free things here =]



Sassy Pumpkins said...

I've only just found your blog and LOVE your designs, you are very talented and very generous, and I wish to thank you for sharing!! I also wanted to leave a note letting you know that I wholeheartedly agree with your 'Rant''s one of my pet peeves to see Designers bitch when folks don't say thank you...I'm a Designer myself, and yeah, it's great to be thanked, appreciated, etc, but I'm with ya, even if they don't thank me, I'm still going to create because it is just the sheer enjoyment of creating...the way I look at it, by someone I don't know downloading something I create, that's the thank you...they liked it enough to want to take the time to download it...isn't that thanks enough? Cuz it's an amazing feeling that they liked it enough to download it. =D Likewise, I don't need my ego stroked which these 'rude' designers seem to require, and you're right, it does make you want to download the item and not leave a thank you, even though I usually leave a comment when I download something lol. So from one designer to another, THANK YOU...for being a great designer, for being so generous with your designs, and thank you for not being afraid to make your views known...we need more of this from other designers!! Thanks for the goodies!

Vicky said...

Aww Thank You!!!i'm glad to know i'm not the only one that feels this way =]

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who was raised with any sort of basic manners would at least say Thank You.

Vicky said...

yes Laura it is good manners to say thank you but it's also good manners to not complain if people don't say it. we live in an internet society where people feel it's ok to say something or not because they are 'anonymous'.