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It has come to my attention that 4shared has changed their TOU for link sharing. I have found that you will now be asked to Login or Create an Account in order to download a file. Yes I know it is free to sign up but I don't think you should have to do that in order to get a freebie. So I will start to change the links over to and I can only hope that they will not do this as well.

Remember to click on the picture to get it at fullsize=]

Sunday, January 5, 2014

CU-Ok Gem Stone Freebie

I made this after seeing a shading tutorial for turning a block of wood into a gemstone with paint. This file includes a full size and tagger size gemstone in green. Why green? Because I've found that green is the easiest color to change the hue on. I have included a note on what to do to change the color of the stone in the TOU. If all else fails you can convert it to black and white and do a color overlay. As always TOU included in the file.
This is Commercial Use Ok and ok to use with freebie kits. Enjoy!
Samples NOT included.

Download HERE

New FTU CU-Ok element

I've had this idea knocking around for some time and finally got around to it. This is a mirror/frame template. It comes in .psd with color layers. There is a main frame layer, a mirror background layer and a layer with the little corner ornaments. You can change the color, change the texture, use it as a frame or for a mirror. It is a full size 300 dpi element but it can be resized to tagger size. Enjoy, as always my TOU are easy and included in the file. 
Commercial use is allowed as well as use in kits intended for freebies =)
Samples NOT included.

Download HERE

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love This New Cluster! FTU

Hayleigh at Ruinations By Hayleigh used my kit Dirty Mechanic to make this gorgeous cluster. Thank you Hayleigh! So head on over and snag it! Don't forget to look around and say thanks ;) You can find it here

Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Tut- Free kit and Tube @Digital Chaos

I have a new tutorial today, it using a FREE scrap kit and FREE tube by Dark Yarrow at Digital Chaos. If you didn't know before, there are a bunch of free tubes and kits as well as images and timelines to be found in the store. You will need to register and use your license number for tubes and images same as paid, but hey that ain't hard!

As always click on image to view at full size!

This tutorial was created using Photoshop Elements 5.

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and not intentional. Please do not post this tutorial in part or whole anywhere else, but instead link back to my blog
 It is assumed that you will have a good working knowledge of Photoshop Elements.

*Reminder, when I state, resize, it means to decrease the size. It is a direct violation of TOU to increase the size of a tube from it's original size.

The beautiful tube I am using is by Dark Yarrow- Ravens Sorrow, you need a license to use it. The very versatile kit is by Dark Yarrow "Sapphire" . You will find both at Digital Chaos. Don't forget to look around at all the other wonderful things offered there ;)

As always, this tutorial is meant as a guide only.

Let's get started....

Elements used-
Flower07 x2
Heart01 x3

mask by Wee Scots Lass Creations WSL_Mask254
font used  CK Maternal

 1. Open a new document, Ctrl + N, 700x700 pixels.

We will resize everything at the end

2. Add Frame04 and tube. Position tube as seen in my example. Make a duplicate copy of the tube and flip it for a mirror image. Place behind the frame. Change the blending mode to Hard Light, 100% Opacity

3. Now, back to the first tube placed, I used the selection tool to help erase certain parts of the tube to fit the frame, this is my preference but you can also opt to put it behind the frame as well.

4. Place Paper14 and make sure it is behind all elements already added. Using selection tool, select the inside of each frame opening. Be sure to get all of the smaller openings created by the string on the frame (you'll know if you missed any after this step is completed). Now, making sure your Paper14 layer is active, go to Select- Modify- Expand by 3 pixels. Next create a new layer via copy. Hide the original Paper14 layer.

5. Begin adding elements, use my example as a guide. Resize as needed. Apply a drop shadow to each element if needed.

6. Some elements are flipped horizontally, you should adjust them to suit your taste.

7. Apply the mask WSL_Mask254 using Paper03.

8. Add the phrase or one of your choice. I used a white color with a black stroke of 2px and bevel up of 5px. Drop shadow to taste. The font is at 72pt but I did stretch it horizonatlly to fit across the frame

9. Resize and crop to desired size.

10. Last add your copyright info and license number and name or phrase. This should be done last because any resizing can cause the copyright to become hard to read.

Now save as a .png and you are done.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Free Timeline Cover

I made a timeline cover and it is free to download at the Digital Chaos store. You can find it here. If this isn't to your liking just look around, there are a number of different themed covers to choose from. ;)

Braiiins!!!!!! CU Freebie

Finally getting around to uploading these..... I bought my kid a toy brain that you put in water and it grows, before we added water I took some pics so I could extract it and share with y'all. So there are two photographed toy brains in the pack. The lighting was different on each and gives them each a different look. The other two brains were drawn by me.... now I am not a great artist but I'm kinda pleased with how these turned out.

So when you download this it will be in psd format, there will be 4 brain layers, the background layer includes my terms of use and a preview layer. All neat and tidy ;)

I hope you like them and find a use for them in your zombie or Halloween tags/kits or anything else your heart desires.

Free to use and commercial use ok!

Download HERE

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Mask... Sorta

Hmmm, Well I've done it again. Started writing a tutorial and realized I used a mask I never uploaded to my blog. So here it is, just going to put it up here, right click on the full size image and save to you computer.

Remember to follow my Terms-of-Use and do not claim as your own. FTU for Personal Use Only