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It has come to my attention that 4shared has changed their TOU for link sharing. I have found that you will now be asked to Login or Create an Account in order to download a file. Yes I know it is free to sign up but I don't think you should have to do that in order to get a freebie. So I will start to change the links over to and I can only hope that they will not do this as well.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ranting a little...

yeah i'm gonna rant a little... i really hate when people remove freebies from their blog, weather it's a limited time freebie or they just delete it after awhile. why offer it at all if you are going to take it away? i recently found out that a favorite site deleted all of their older freebies. so i emailed and asked if there was any way that they would be offered as i hadn't got to collect them all. the very short non-informative reply was no. i was hoping that they would be bundled together if it was a space issue but i got no other info from the woman.

i offer my things free, granted they may not be as wonderful as some but hey! i also don't buy scrap kits. i can't afford to and some are just way too expensive even if i would like to have them. so i like finding free things and i feel like the person is dangling the carrot in front of my nose then yanking it away when they remove freebies. i'm sorry i came late to the game and didn't download every single thing immediately. i guess i should have and i will start doing that from now on for all things. lesson learned and i hope anyone reading this snags those freebies too cause tomorrow they might not be there.

my freebies will be here as long as my file sharing hosts stay free and nothing happens to those files!


1 comment:

Faerie said...

I am so right there with you! Thank You for giving it voice.

And your freebies are Fabulous! i just discovered you through Mindless Scrap's Jacks Steam Punk tutorial. I am so glad I did. You have really great work here, and I am grateful for the freebies. If I were able to do kits I would. But I cannot so I am especially grateful for gifted creators, like yourself, who offer quality freebies.

I am not able to afford those PTU kits (some of them are outrageously expensive) and it's such a relief to find somebody with talent who is still willing to give a gift of their works.

Thank you for your wonderful gifts and for sharing them with us.