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Saturday, June 6, 2009

This Blog

As i said in my other blog, i would love to create scrap kits:) i have some things i have gotten to help along those lines but not actually had the time to put a kit together. i do have a few elements i've come up with to offer as PU/CU use. i just need to get a TOU together and a scrap preview made. one of the reasons it takes me so long is because i also do a little photography for friends of their kids etc and i spend a bit of time on that, as well as my myspace group i have started to co- moderator for and a tagging profile i am a co- tagger for. i will note here that i work in photoshop but i know most taggers work in PSP. that sucks for me when i find a tutorial but i just try to copy it visually. oh well, eventually i'll get things together and there may actually be something here:)

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